2015, a year of opportunity, perhaps

I know I don’t think much of New Year’s resolutions, and New Year’s has been and gone, but I’ve been thinking for is something I can set myself to achieving for this year.

I feel somewhat confident that I can potentially make something good of this new year. My heavy metal-inspired outfit is feeling closer to completion, and I feel confident to spend what remains of what I got from my folks for Christmas on CDs (unless something else comes to my mind) for an adequate collection. Not to mention, the grant I get is apparently not just yearly. I feel like maybe I have a chance or to that I can take and use to do something with my social environment and make some wonder.

I must admit, I felt confident at the beginning of September when summer was still on and university was beginning, and that I disappointed myself in last term, but I think I can try harder, or pay more attention to any opportunity that comes my way so I can seize it. That’s what I want to do this year: seize the day, in no matter how small a way.


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