Shouldn’t God be for individuality if God created individuality?

Pretty much every religion that believes in a God seems to tell the same story: God creates the universe, God creates life, God creates mankind, and God creates self, individuality, and soul and endows it mankind (you could say God gives it to other animals but let’s not start that debate), but then God, according to the religions who believe in God, wants mankind to give up the self and individuality to be “one” with God. Every time, it begs the question: why would God create the self and create individuality only so that it may be surrendered to God?

If God is the source and progenitor of the self, shouldn’t God support the self, or reward the individual for nourishing and defending his/her genuine identity and self (and not that thing many religions tout as “the true self”), instead of asking for submission and acquiescence, or even assimilation, of the individuality of the soul? If that were true, then God also cannot judge anybody for who they are because God made them that way. But no, in every religion that believes in a God, he apparently creates the self and individuality only so it can be surrendered by the individual. Same with desire. Why create it if all you want is for mankind to give it up? And I don’t mean control or restrain, I mean surrendering it to God. What is God thinking?

There is the possibility that all the religions that believe in God have all this time have only had ideas of what God wants with the self and just invented all that crap about surrendering the self to suit their ambitions of control, but there’s only one problem with that: if what all religions describe is not the true will of God, what is? And if you believe in God, but reject all religions and all holy texts, how can you ever know or be sure of what God’s will truly is, especially regarding the individual self?


14 responses to “Shouldn’t God be for individuality if God created individuality?

  1. I think if I knew what “Gods’ Will” ultimately is, I would not be incarnating here anymore. I’d be too advanced to mess with all these people. I’d be like a PhD going back to sit in a kindergarten, and there is not much individuality in kindergarten.

    The people that think they have it all figured out are maybe the most self-deluded people out there.

    I’m just here to learn, which I see as “Gods’ Will”, and I don’t kid myself in thinking that I know much of anything. I see Earth as a preschool, not a college.

      • I think it’s always best not to imply anything.

        I see any answers as being personal answers. Who is to say if I’m right or wrong? I’m not a guru.

        You asked “how can you ever know or be sure of what God’s will truly is, especially regarding the individual self?”

        Christianity sells a lot of books trying to answer that specific question, and failing in a spectacular fashion. It’s a question I used to worry about a lot.

        To me, my individual answer is “I am here to learn”. Learn what, exactly? I don’t know. So I take life as it comes, and I learn. To what ultimate end? Godhood? I think so, but I don’t know so. I dont know where evolution ends, or if it doesn’t end.

        The problems start when one thinks he or she has the answers and therefore feels free to make demands of other people.

  2. To me the problem of God is individuality literally, and the erosion of all problems is individuality that is indivisible-that is,individuality that is your Soul living distinctly forever as yourSelf and also is simultaneously merged into and through whatever is the greatest supreme.I’ve noticed that pleasure/passion/desire/indulgence and any other self-expression that seems negative to others is for yourSelf integrated positively. That is you seem to emerge as raw chaotic potential, which I call the Void/GodHead, and use the self without any conflict. Awesome. So to me your using “satanism” in a sacred way. I propose then that maybe what is really going on is that you aren’t really self-expressing, but Self-expressing through the self, only we don’t have the words for the Self so we use the self’s words to understand our own Self eg, desire/passion/indulgence as self-expressions become sacred/pure passion/sex/pleasure/entertainment etc. This is how it seems to me.

    • That is a very interesting idea. Personally I think of any concept of God has some association with light, unless light has more to do with the soul, the self, and ideas of the truth and ethics. I always thought I was using Satanism in a righteous or ethical way. I never thought of the idea of using it in a sacred way, but that is very interesting. Thank you for your interesting input.

      • We seem to be saying the same thing in a different way. I look at life in an oxymoronic way with most things. That is I’m happy to pick up the ego/self when its called for and put it down when its called for. I guess the key is to use it and not be used by it. Then the ego really just becomes a kind’ve joke at play-you know, nothing so serious as to be a living darkness for ones own being.

  3. There are lots of interesting questions that could be asked of Christians, like why create a Satan or a Tree of Forbidden Fruit if such things were a cause of so much trouble for the Christian god. Such questions I asked as a child, and was one reason why I turned to the Left Hand Path.

  4. The merge through is my own Godness realizing that I cannot be a God without the God beyond I. We are supreme, but we are not supreme unto ourself as lucifer thinks it so.

  5. I could put it this way and say that it doesn’t mean anything to merge, but that merging itself is what it means, just as I can say that God doesn’t mean anything, but that God as God is what it means. In any and all cases, glory be to the highest beyond our own highest.

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