The apex

Somehow I can’t help but wonder about the apex of the path of mankind, and how close we are to reaching it. What do I mean by the path of mankind? I mean the social, cultural, ethical, ideological, moral, and spiritual path that humanity has set its world and the species towards. It’s all about what you believe and the world you try to create for yourself, or more or less what world is being created for everyone else by either the influences of the masses or the desires of the elite few (or both). With that said, what kind of world is humanity trying to create? Do we even know what we want, or care?

Do you ever feel like we reaching reaching the apex of a certain path? Because sometimes it kinda feels like nothing much is changing in our world in terms of our values or that we’re not too far from an apex of some kind. Maybe I’m wrong, half of me does not know what inspired this thought initially, but it almost feels like we might soon reach a point where we can’t go any further and can only just sit pretty where we are. Or maybe that will describe a time far beyond my lifetime. But before the apex can be seen, first the nature of mankind’s path must be clear. I have my opinions of what that may be, but I don’t think I know the whole truth.


One response to “The apex

  1. Change can come fast and unexpectedly. I believe the strange behavior of the financial markets recently suggests a major financial crisis is coming. Everywhere I look I see the bonds that glue civilisation together under great stress which for me means that the apex will not be a happy process for humanity.

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