An ambition I might see through some day

Yesterday afternoon I have thought of something that I might like to do at some point in my life, something that involves my beliefs, the occult, and the Left Hand Path.

You see, I live in a part of the world where I know I’m an outcast, and where there isn’t a sizeable voice for things of occult nature that I am interested in. Usually the only thing non-Christian things I see are those stores that sell nothing more than household witchcraft, nothing truly occult. I am the only Satanist I know in the region of the UK in which I live (well except perhaps for one person who went to school with someone I know in university), and I have never met anyone seriously keen on talking about the occult and sharing knowledge and ideas outside of the Internet. Left Hand Path is outside the knowledge of many people of where I live, and if they ever hear of Satanism, the occult, or of paganism, it is through their Christian-influenced media which has no idea what it is talking about.

That’s why I have an idea. One day, I want to start an organization dedicated to not just expressing the Left Hand Path, but providing an platform for those interested in anything relating to the occult to exchange knowledge and wisdom, particularly regarding ritual, mythology and the mysteries of the gods (if you believe in any deities), the spiritual/physical reality of the universe, and other subjects that might enter into it. It could be even be a pseudo-temple, acting as a place of religious activity when in fact its participants need not be particularly religious at all. All that would matter to me is that it would be an organization dedicated to being a voice for the occult outside the internet (because let’s face it, anyone can probably talk about the occult on the internet, but how many active voices are there in the real world?).

As a by and large Left Hand Path organization, it would also be an organization that provides a voice for an alternative to herd mentality, along with what I see as the two main ideals that otherwise characterize human society, which are as follows:

  1. Mainstream religion and self-abnegation: I don’t need to mention the names of those religions, and the religions of Abraham are not the only ones I mean. Mainstream religions teach love and forgiveness for everyone, even those who do not deserve it, and some religions even teach that God is love. You find this in many religions from Christianity to Hinduism to New Age. Love is a powerful force in this world, but we have misuse love the same way we misuse respect, giving it to those who do not deserve it. I would much rather give what love I have to the people I care about (and if we’re very enough that’s always going to be a small percentage of the world) than lavish all of mankind with a love I do not have, and I would rather that man not try to love everyone on earth even if it means the existence of discord in our society. Mainstream religion also has a poisonous habit of denying the carnal self, and for that matter the self itself. In addition to artificial love, many religions tell us to cast aside the ego and live in service of either God or your fellow man, thus denying individuality and self-investment (rather like communism I might add). Just as mainstream religion has a faulty understanding of love, it has a faulty understanding of the self. What exactly do you think ego is? The self. That is what the word ego originally meant, that is what ego is, and it comprises of so much more than the childish or hubristic attitudes we so pitifully associate it with. But in the eyes of most religions, ego is worthless and only God, love, or peace is truly worthy. Of course they would see ego as a threat, if we know religion all too well.
  2. Materialism and consumerism: After the age of what was called the Enlightenment and the ascension of physical sciences, materialism was on the rise and it would have appeared that religion was waning in influence. But in reality, all the masses did was create a new religion: the religion of materialism. Because there are many who will not forge an identity of their own, they instead find it in products, wealth, or material status, to the point where I wonder if they forget that it is not to last in this world. There’s nothing wrong with relating to objects (in fact, the pagans of old had ways of spirituality relating to objects), but in this world there is no real spiritual relation to the object. People lead vacuous lives for social status, and education is geared towards getting a job. People these days equate the body with the self, denying the spiritual self, and equate complete and total loss of control with valid pleasure. While there is nothing inherently wrong with desire or indulgence, that doesn’t mean it is right to deny the spiritual side of the universe and pursue only the body, and there is certainly everything wrong with placing material life and material prosperity above ethics and the personal soul. Then, you also have the problem of the rule of human greed. There’s nothing inherently wrong with money, but humans have been constraining each other money and  greed, and social structures that have been designed to protect the greedy, thus making a mockery of capitalism. Mankind has always advanced with ambition, desire, want, but to rule the people with greed is tantamount to tyranny.

The teachings I hope to spread are teachings that smack of Chaos in some way, and yet more. The ultimate goal is not to create another religious or group identity to wear as a badge, but a venue for those interested in the occult and in an alternative to the ways of human society to come and share ideas and knowledge, even hold group rituals. It would be an organization that does not shun those who do not know or are unsure and simply have a question or two to ask, or those are shy or withdrawn. I think of it as extending an arm of welcome and compassion to those who would like to know more, and an arm of rebuke to the values of modern society and their respective ills. We would embrace darkness, and also light. The light we would seek is the light of knowledge, the self, spirituality, freedom, and spiritual immortality,  and the darkness we embrace is the darkness of the carnal self and the mysterious realm of the occult. We could marvel at the timeless Chaos of existence, but also create our own order (after all, despite my valuing of Chaos, I would say that what we call order or structure is a valued part of the human psyche and sphere of human affairs, just that I reject our social order and the idea that we should have to follow someone else’s order). And it wouldn’t even mattered what religion you were from or what deity you worship, if either apply.

This grand vision is not without possible flaws, however. For starters, how on earth would I start? The thought of starting it out as a website seems like a fine idea at first, but then there is always the risk that it would suffer the same decline of some “satanic” forums (which my good friend and fellow LHP thinker Satanicviews can tell you about better than I could). Then there’s the issue of how to create an organization, inevitable one with rules, without it becoming dogmatic. Obviously no centralized hierarchy would fit, but there would still need to be an administration with the wisdom and integrity to preserve the organization’s ethic and integrity while at the same time keep constantly aware of changes. Not to mention, I feel there are many goals I must fulfil before beginning such an ambition. But the idea will always be there…

3 responses to “An ambition I might see through some day

    • Thanks, but obviously it can’t come into reality now since being university would keep me far too busy. Whatever the case, before this ambition begins, I want to find more people who are interested in the occult.

  1. As you say there are many challenges to creating an organization or website in the LHP. The nature of being a participant of the Left Hand Path with its focus on individuality gives rise to so many outlooks and viewpoints that it becomes a problem of finding a common ground in which to build something without everyone going to war with each other.

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