This twisted world

WARNING: This post may or in fact can be considered a giant rant on my part, that’s because, in all honesty, it is. In retrospect, plenty of my posts could be considered rants or gripes, but this one I really think is truly the essence of a rant. Enjoy.

Often times this world inspires feelings of anger, mixed with moralistic instincts, mixed even with some misanthropy, but the fact is I truly hate not the world as it is on its own, and not all of mankind, but world made by mankind.

This world is based upon such sins as the spiritual and creative acquiescence of the individual, conformity, herd and alpha male mentality, fear, ignorance, exploitation of human flaws and human nature, and human greed, certainly anything but individualism or sound morals. Instead of using what supposed power it has to deal with the evils that commonly plague this world, we use it to pollute the world with infrastructure of oppression and machines that destroy liberty, and this pollution is the main tool by which the rights of the many are destroyed or defiled. This is a world where few people ever get their just deserts, and people only know to pursue their own self-interest negatively rather than positively. If you lash out at anyone who has wronged you, then you are punished, not the person who wrongs you, and justice rarely rules. We live in a world where people still mindlessly follow what they’re told, including patterns of behavior, especially regarding gender. We live in a world where the people try to drown each other in drugs, and the sea of loss of control that results, like they deliberately seek to lose every last ounce of control over themselves in exchange for brief highs and self-destruction. Many people do not think much of the soul, the spiritual, or the spiritual self, and have no concept of individualistic spirituality, so we embrace either worthless religions that provide a framework for the individual that demands obedience and acquiescence to some God above, or worthless, meaningless materialism that denies all things spiritual and a shallow, vacuous, YOLO mentality and lifestyle, neither of which will do any good, bar perhaps for some individuals, and anyone who believes anything different is automatically assumed to be a wacko, a nutjob, or delusional. Because people only see the material side of existence, they equate the body with the self, and they cling miserably to physical life, they seek immortality, fruitlessly divorcing themselves from nature by hiding from the inevitable end of physical existence while sacrificing spiritual existence at the same time. And speaking of divorce from nature, this is a world where people try to rise above nature, they pollute the planet, then either run and hide or arrogantly claim themselves to be the saviours of nature, when in reality nature ill needs any savior, let alone such a “saviour” as mankind. Most people are so smug about this, that I bet they will never realize that the earth has endured much more than mankind, and that it is not the planet that is being screwed over, but mankind, who knows he is soon to be undone by his own self-destructive actions but places the planet as the victim so that he can act like the hero. We also all too often ascribe our own sins and self-destructive acts to a scapegoat, monster, or devil, so that we may continue being self-destructive and deny responsibility. This a world where we create wonderful things, and then fuck it all up with one stupid thing. We create computers, and then when one guy creates a computer virus as a prank, it all spreads and we can’t contain it. We refuse to deal with real issues, real crimes, and instead insist on pleasing the people with lesser issues and false morals (such as “think of the children!”). We used to fight evil, and now we teach each other it is wrong to do so. We are spied on constantly by marketing, government, and other perverted, perhaps more criminal, individuals, but do we do anything to stop it? No. There are ways to protect yourself but that’s not the point. The point is this shouldn’t even be happening in the first place. We pretend to believe in freedom and then go back to being sheep, but then who’s to say our particular belief in freedom is just spoon-fed ideas of freedom rather than true understanding of freedom. The only morality we accept or allow to have any power is usually morality that has no spine, it is naive morality that in the end only exists to serve the establishment rather than chastise it. Our culture is mostly lifeless and droll, made for idiots, by either other idiots or people cynically exploiting idiots. Lastly, many of us do not pursue real love, but sexual conquest, and sometimes, we think of love and sexual conquest as one and the same, and we undergo traditions of personal acquiescence just to maintain a relationship based on domination and sexual conquest, rather than actual love.

To be fair, the world isn’t all evil, though the world mankind has created certainly is very evil, but there are positive things we have created, and we do find things to enjoy in this world. To be honest, we live through this world anyway in order to try to simply live out our lives the way we want to before we die. I still live in this world because this world is also a place where we can form our own ideas, discover our own identities and what makes us tick. But that doesn’t absolve anything.

There’s another thing for me to reflect on. When ranting like this, I kinda remind myself of when I was 16 years old, because it certainly sounds like that part of me is still there. And that’s a good thing because it means I haven’t lost any connect with what I essentially am or what my values are. It serves to remind me that I haven’t truly changed, just that I’ve grown a little, which means my understandings have evolved slightly. So yes, if there is a positive to this wicked world, it at least reminds me of my core, albeit in a somewhat negative way.


Speaking of 16 years old, here’s the “evil world” I made as part of an art piece I made when I was that age. My understanding is different now from then, but the spirit is kind of the same, so are the ideals, but back then my ideals were in a different place, if that makes sense.

4 responses to “This twisted world

  1. I can’t believe the number of things I agree with you. Most things, actually. It depends on everyone’s personal environment and observation. For example: When you say many of us do not pursue real love… Well most of the people I know here are true pursuers of love, and not just sexual conquest. But that might be the exception, rather than the rule.

    Despite it’s rantish nature, you are able to point out society’s biggest problems with great precision. Maybe someday we will be able to do something about it.

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