How I intend to celebrate Halloween

“Baphomet Pumpkin Carving”, made by King-Arturia-Emiya on Deviantart.

Halloween is coming in only two days, and I have been pretty excited about it (even despite recent worry and dejection regarding my course, which is now behind me). This year, I have a very particular plan on how to celebrate it. In retrospect, this post should have been out much earlier, but I have been scrambling with planning my celebrations and writing that down. So anyways, here it is now, before it’s too late.

First, I will begin Halloween by eating a red apple, a symbolic gesture in honor of the devil and the freedom given to Adam and Eve by the serpent. I will also make sure to carry out this ritual on the beginnings of each day of Walpurgis Night (April 30th). If I can’t get a red apple to eat during breakfast on that day, I will find a red apple and make sure not to eat anything before eating a red apple. Of course it would be easier just to get an apple a day or two in advance.

After that, I will live out the day as I normally do before returning home and wiling away the afternoon before the night falls, maybe getting some university related stuff out of the way until then, just so it doesn’t take up time during the night ahead. I’m not immediately planning on listening to a ton of Slayer since I have already been listening to a lot of Slayer before Halloween, even though Slayer might be good for the mood.

After the usual Friday evening pizza with my brother and my dad, I will wait for last of the trick-or-treaters to retreat into their homes after getting whatever candy they can, and then eat whatever treats we still have at home that I feel like home, thus covering the indulgence aspect of Halloween. Then as the night draws on, I will spend some time in my room, in the dark (although if I can get lit candles in there that would be nice), and try to do one or two things I wouldn’t normally do (or that I do think of doing but don’t) while listening to music. All the while, I will be wearing my Venetian-style devil mask. Might even through in a Satanic prayer, this is after all considered a Satanic holiday after all.

All-in-all, my main hope is to have Halloween that is mildly ritual, while at the same time the idea for me is to have fun, in my own way.

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