How regrets are born

Even as I am beginning my life in university, I have still had moments where I see someone or something I develop a fascination with, but hesitate to pursue or interact with. There have still been times where I have seen a girl I might be interested in talking to, usually because of something I notice about her that , but for no good reason I refrain from talking to her. I can’t think of a reason, I just hesitate. And then, as you might guess, I start to feel some regret.

Opportunity can cross our paths at any time, and when we see the chance, we should try our best to take it. If we leave some opportunities to pass, we might not get another chance at it again. Reflecting on my situation, I think it’s best to just dive in. Perhaps not too brashly, but I can’t hesitate when I see an interesting possibility come my way. It might go well for me, it might not, but you don’t want to be left in a spot where all you can do is think about what could have been.


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