Order, Chaos, geometric shapes, and games consoles

The past two weeks I’ve had to come up with a design for a video games console to be modeled on a 3D computer graphics software. We’re not actually making video game consoles, we’re simply making models of them. It was actually really fun coming up with a hypothetical console design, but what’s interesting about this is the fact that I seemed to enjoy dealing with structural and geometric shapes, which is something some might not expect from me.

I’m getting the feeling that there is a sense of magic that comes from working with the idea of geometric shapes, particularly shapes inspired by brutalistic architecture in the case of one idea for a console design, maybe it’s the excitement of trying to create a sense of magic and mysticism through a games machine, or maybe it’s the fun of drawing up concept, a concept that is mine at least.

I will admit though, much of the fun is at the conceptual level. This week I begin the modelling phase, and this is where things get less fun because I have to work with a 3D computer graphics software. Why is that not so fun? Because this is where things get more complicated to deal with. I’m not particularly interested in the workings of these software or how complicated they can be. It’s the first while and I might get used to it, but for hell’s sake couldn’t they be simpler?

Part of me thinks that the chaotic part calling back that’s disinterested in dealing with complicated tools, or maybe it’s just I prefer software to be easy to start working with and understand. But then, I’m not a software buff, certainly no software engineer, and there’s little I understand about software. I’m not entirely sure what magic I see in some consoles, or geometric form, especially considering I often seem like a chaotic person who likes raw and righteous things. Maybe it’s the way it’s used. Maybe I saw some geometric form in a game I really liked (probably one of the Megami Tensei games since from Nocturne onwards, but then those same games have chaotic imagery I enjoy a lot and the same series initially inspired Chaos in me). Maybe I just see a beauty in structure sometimes. I wonder, should I really see a paradox? Should it really be seen as an upheaval? Especially considering I am pretty much ideologically Chaos and I feel I reflect that. And trust me, I will refer back to that soon in a future post.


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