Faith in the cause

Remember that christening I was talking about only a few days ago? Well when the christening was over, to my surprise, my sister didn’t really raise a fuss. Not only that, but I don’t think anyone was too mad, although my cousin was disappointed I didn’t show up. Really the only worry I still have is about my dad, because he can still be difficult to talk to when it comes to this. He’s not particularly obnoxious or aggressive, he’s just difficult to deal with.

That said, I don’t think I can rest too easily. I cannot take any excuse to be too complacent in my faith in my cause. My cause of living honestly in the ideals of the Left Hand Path. The ideal of living in freedom, truth to my self as I see it, walking the path in which I will spiritually survive both the herds of the masses and their trends and the mayhemic sea of the world as it is by the immortality, integrity, and truthfulness of my self, my soul, without corruption or adulteration from any external forces or powers. I know I will continue to be tested in the future.


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