Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies

One of the Nine Satanic Sins is cited as “forgetfulness of past orthodoxies”, which is stated as such:

“Be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different, when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package. We are expected to rave about the genius of the creator and forget the original. This makes for a disposable society.”

It basically refers to the folly of accepting something old as something new. The way I see it though, I think forgetfulness of past orthodoxies can also refer to something else: accepting something new as something old.

This is something I see Christianity, or at least just some churches, as being guilty of in the modern age. Think about it: Christians know their beliefs are losing face and relevance in the modern age as people continue to doubt their beliefs, and the scandals of the church and the outrageous activities and statements of fundamentalists certainly didn’t help. Thus, there’s been an increasing tendency among the Christian faith to deny its past beliefs and to promote a more modern Christianity as the old beliefs. It might just be me who sees this, but I feel it’s a serious folly on top of being a way to brainwash each new generation into the Christian faith by pretending the new beliefs are the old beliefs. Same people even claim the Christian God doesn’t want war or death, when those things are clearly a part of his apparent plan for the world and no fluffy bunny version of Christianity can change the fact that even the Bible states this.

This forgetfulness of past orthodoxies on the part of the Christians doesn’t phase me, and it will not convince me anything other than that the faith is desperate to maintain its place in society instead of transforming into something new.


3 responses to “Forgetfulness of past orthodoxies

  1. Certainly, this is one of the most dangerous Satanic Sins. If we are not aware of the brainwashing going beyond our awareness, we can very easily be manipulated in getting back into doing things we fought so hard to get out of!

    My guess is that this Sin was inspired by how Christians white-washed Pagan teachings and incorporated them into Christianity. But, it can be applied to many other different situations in our life.

    For example, a person who tricked you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do might use the same trick with a different dress to manipulate you again.

    As Satanists, we can’t afford to fall for the same trick twice. We can’t even afford to fall into any tricks played by the brainwashers whoever those might be.

    Hail Satan!

    • It’s funny you mentioned paganism and Christianity, and the whitewashing of paganism, because that’s probably close to what I have been reading about the subject. Some people think that Christianity conquered paganism, but I’m starting to suspect that it never did. Take a look at Jean Seznec’s The Survival of the Pagan Gods and you’ll learn that aspects of pagan belief survived during the European Renaissance in many ways, such as the doctrine of euhemerism (which held that the gods were actually men and women who were revered by their fellow mortals and “ascended” into godhood afterwards).

      • Sorry for replying late.

        I can speak only in a constrained manner. But if you want to discuss it further add me on Skype. JupiterTiamat.

        Since this is a public blog. I will cover three main points.

        I come from an Islamic background. These are my remarks as far as this discussion goes.

        1. The Koran prides itself to be only Arabic. In fact, some consider it an Arabic language “miracle.” Yet, with close examination. You’ll see that many words have roots in lots of other languages. That’s one.

        2. Muslims worship Muhammed. No matter how they paint it. Muhammed is more sacred than Allah in Islam. Based on what I’ve seen and heard from Eastern Muslims.

        3. There are a lot. And I mean a lot. Islamized pagan “concepts.” It seems that the roots of Islam and paganism almost identical. Islam didn’t end paganism, they merged.

        There are some other things. But not in public. Once again, if you want to discuss it. Let’s do it in private.

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