My soul doesn’t belong to anyone else, and neither should yours

In a few days, there is a christening for a recently born member of my family. Naturally, I dislike the prospect, and I neither can nor will support it. I actually managed to avoid attending that christening, thankfully, which means I will not have to worry about supporting something I don’t believe in. But let me tell you about just that.

Everything about christening, or infant baptism, is morally wrong because it means you are deciding the faith of the child for the child. The infant or baby has no conception of religion, beliefs, what their beliefs are, or what their answer to the world is, but the parent still has the nerve to label the child as a Christian before the child even decided he/she wanted to be Christian in the first place. It’s the same for all variations of christening for all religions. If you want to be a Christian, you should get baptized by yourself after you have decided you want to be a Christian, let alone associated with a particular denomination or church. You shouldn’t be forced, coaxed, or conditioned into being Christian before you’ve made your mind about, and you especially shouldn’t be raised Christian against your own will just because your family is Christian!

Which brings me to the soul. My mother apparently thinks getting christened is good for the infant’s soul. But let me tell you, she has no basis for saying that other than her apparent Christian faith. First, if you’re soul is supposed to be saved by baptism, and that didn’t save my sister from being a shallow, obnoxious, egotistical brat, why would it save anyone? Second, the only reason they’re going through with this whole thing is to keep up with the Joneses. In other words, to conform with the norms of everyone else without thinking even once about whether or not these stupid customs mean anything to them, or if they actually believe in it. People just go with the flow, supposedly out of a sense of “decency”, which isn’t even decency to begin with. Third, what the hell is so good about your soul belonging to anybody? Is there any reason your soul can’t actually be YOUR soul? Not to mention, if you are your soul, why should you be owned by anyone? You belong to you. No one else. You should be free to be spiritual autonomous, making your own decisions, walking your own path, and enjoying your own fruits and enduring your own austerities and sufferings, instead of belonging to someone else who probably doesn’t give a crap about you and only cares that you worship him like a ruler!

Even though my mother thinks giving your spiritual autonomy over to Jesus or Jehovah is a good thing, it actually means your soul is doomed. Think about it: do you know what the Christian heaven means? Your soul meets up with Jesus and joins a choir of angels or souls that do nothing but mindlessly sing praises for eternity. Why would you want that? Why would you consider that a good thing? That is not joy. That is false joy. A joy that only arises from the mindless devotion of the believer. What would I rather have? I would rather go to a heaven of my design, a place influenced by everything I could possibly want and enjoy. In any case I’d certainly rather not have to be stuck in the same heaven as everyone else.

I can just guess that at least some of my family is going to make a fuss over the fact that I refused to attend the christening, but at least I know I have stood up for individual freedom of choice even against family and tradition.


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