We are not citizens of the world

I’ve been hearing of something called “global citizenship” both on the Internet and in college. I feel such a concept to be a useless and poorly veiled form of collectivism that not only directly shames the concept of the individual, but places the planet as one great big society that we should all consign ourselves to.

Citizenship in general is an abstract layered upon the individual, existing primarily as a means of identifying oneself with a society, usually the society of the country you are born into. The world is not a society, and we are not citizens. Society is a human construct, and a global society is the product of naive dreams of global unity. The idea of us being “global citizens” reduces and limits our existence, because someone who exists only as a citizen exists as a servant, because he/she exists (supposedly) for society and not for him/herself.

Freedom comes from the individual, not from society, and free individuals live their lives not for the sake of society, but of their own accord. A good society would try its hardest to create order without the destruction of freedom. Hell, for me, the ideal society is based upon liberty, the liberty of the individual, not some lofty collective unity.


2 responses to “We are not citizens of the world

  1. Well said. Liberty is always from the individual. The concept of a global citizen requires a global institution to confer such citizenship, but the problem is that an institution as it becomes larger becomes more tyrannical.

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