Unnecessary troublemaking

If you’re a Satanist, or of any path that reveres the figure of Satan, one thing it might be wise to do is to not cause too much trouble, get into too much trouble, or commit many crimes. This is because in our society, if you’re a Satanist or anything LHP, and a crime is attributed to you, our society likely will likely attribute your religious/spiritual beliefs to said crime.

In fairness, however, there is a sad hypocrisy to that last part. The same thing happens with Islam, as people are still misinformed about Muslims and how not all of them are terrorists (and I don’t think the whole ISIL thing is helping). Meanwhile, this never happens with Christians. If a Christian commits a crime, we don’t blame his/her religious beliefs for said crime, so why do we do this with people of other religious beliefs? In my personal opinion this is likely to do with the familiar practice of unfair profiling of people with beliefs or ideas we find unfamiliar or alien.


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