Some thoughts before I start university

Only one day is left before I start university, so I’d just like to say a few things that might relate to that moment.

First of all, even though I’m not immediately moving in to the dorms, I might be much busier than I was even when when I was in college, so I may not be as active on the blog as before, but then again I might be able to release posts as normal. Otherwise, expect me to be busy and therefore inactive at times.

Secondly, the plan is clear for what I’m doing: take on interactions and life in that environment completely hands-on. No sense of trying to control how things play out, no doubt, no fear, no insecurity. Self-expression without anyone’s permission, fulfillment of freedom, and courage, they are the keys. I may just magnetize people to myself in that way with such honesty. And of course, fuck what people think. All that matters is purity of expression, that is to say complete honest expression of my opinions and personality, and tastes.

Third and lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have shown their support and wished me well before university. If you are one of them and happen to be reading this, know that your words will be with me. I have faith that my time in university will be a blast, that my dreams will come true, and that the words of my friends will ride with me.


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