In disorder

I was in a city where my future university is for a stroll, and I think I may have wondered into a slightly crappier part of it because it made me feel like anything could happen in a bad way. The routine walk to the university is not in the crappier part of the city, but sometimes during the stroll I felt like anything could happen in a bad way.

The mild fear reminded me of something Satanicviews said over a month ago:

Humanity faces increasing anarchy, the calm will only be found inside of you.

Especially that first part.

Part of me feels that disorder and mayhem creeps over human life and casts a shadow of fear, and non one ever changes that. In fact, this disorder is more often than not created by people themselves.

Not to drag Chaos into this, but there’s something that had been in my mind, that “chaos and order happen at the same time, and if they didn’t then nothing could exist”. It sounds like it has meaning to me but it has yet to fully take hold. It’s more to do with my terminology but, we’ll see.


One response to “In disorder

  1. Chaos is formless, invisible and empty as I see it; Order brings out things with form, purpose and visibility out of raw chaos; and all things seek to return back to Chaos. I see Order and Chaos as co-existing, each constantly transforming into the other, things dying and being born.

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