The sacred cow of unity

I had been reading articles from fellow Satanists about unity, and how the goal of unity (or more specifically the idea of uniting everyone under one banner) is basically nothing more than an obvious and vain attempt at a power grab, a scheme to exert greater control and authority over more sheepish followers. I thought about that sentiment and not only do I see where they’re coming from, I actually, in some way, agree.

I’m not against all peace, cooperation, or harmony (unless it is founded on the wrong reasons or is based on oppression, ignorance, or deceit), and we can’t have conflict all the time, but I was always against the idea that we should be unified under any one banner, or be merged into a single collective consciousness or hive-mind of any kind. And don’t get me wrong, the problem isn’t the sense of solidarity that comes with people uniting to face a greater foe, the problem is everyone uniting a banner more permanently, and usually it is the banner of someone seeking greater “power” over others.

As an individualist, and a Satanist, I cannot stand for any uniting under one banner in a permanent sense. I support individuality and freedom above unity and cohesion, even at the expense of unity and cohesion.


7 responses to “The sacred cow of unity

  1. Mutual success is still success. Teamwork is essential to many great endeavors. It’s the idea of placing the structure of any group over the structure of real life that becomes problematic.

    When people seek to achieve meaningless power – like being the most popular guy in your fantasy football league – instead being their own god and always seeking to better their own lives, that’s not very Satanic.

    Caring about your family and friends and treating them as being as important to you as you are to yourself – making your universe perfect and protecting those that matter – while mutually benefitting from the joys of kinship – that is what you make of it. And making yourself the center of the universe you care about – that seems pretty Satanic to me.

    That’s my interpretation. 🙂

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