Another reason I dislike marriage that I didn’t mention yet

If you’ve seen some of the earlier posts on this blog, by which I mean the first 5 months of it, then you probably know that I have no love for the institution of marriage. I have always seen it as nothing mere than a religious or legal tradition that primarily exists as a commercial that only serves to prove that you conform to social tradition and to screw you over later in the event that your partnership ends. But that’s not the reason I’m here to write about.

The reason I’m writing about here is this: it’s likely that men will treat their partners progressively less like they deserve to be treated if they really love them, and more like a television set. In other words, guys eventually start taking their partners for granted. What does that have do with marriage you might ask? Because marriage allows people to get off thinking that because due to its supposedly binding properties, it’s pretty much seen by a lot of guys as something to be taken for granted.

I’m sure everybody’s had different experiences and at least one or two people I know have had real success in a marriage. Maybe they haven’t fallen into the debilitating state of too much comfort.


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