Reflections on the blog and my moniker

Obviously I have a life outside this blog, and at times I have reflected on the blog and my pseudonym, and there have been times when I worried there may come a time where the wall between the real world and the blog and my identity here may crumble. But now I seem to worry about that less.

And I don’t seem to have a desire to unveil the blog to people in my real life social sphere. I actually prefer that the blog be associated with the pseudonym and beyond any real life social spheres, primarily because I still feel this blog, and in general any site where my name is Aleph, is a venue detached from the my real life environment, which is good because I can express my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and desires in their truest form without them being potentially exposed to family and the community in which I live in real life (which is why I do not advertise the site on Facebook, thank you very much).

Of course, if I should ever get a girlfriend, what ever would I do about this world of pseudonyms and shadows? I often feel like if I come to a point where I trust her and she trusts me and we both embrace each other and understand each other without prejudices and even a shred of ignorance, then I would likely have to tell her about the site, but it would retain its status as being outside my real life community overall. Besides, if I find the right partner, trust and understanding would be a guarantee.


2 responses to “Reflections on the blog and my moniker

  1. I think keeping the internet and the real world separate is a good strategy. I also think that if a potential partner is unable to accept you completely, including your Satanism, then they are not worth being with.

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