Shin Megami Tensei IV and thoughts on order, chaos, and balance

It’s been over two years since I first heard Shin Megami Tensei IV was announced, and a year later it got released in America, but despite promises of a summer release in Europe the same year, it is not getting released in Europe until next month (I assume it could be any day next month). I could have gotten the game from America, but I have a European 3DS and the 3DS is region-locked, in contrast to the old DS (good job Nintendo). But that’s all besides the point. The point is that since then I have heard some interesting details about the game and I have seen some new interpretations of the wider Megami Tensei universe, or least familiar that have been enriched by some dialogue and plot points in the story, through other MegaTen fans. Besides that, my perspective and worldview had been developing outside the games as well.

That all said, now that the game is going to be released very soon, I am eagerly awaiting the game’s release and the opportunity to experience the game, to interact with the story hand-on and see how it will affect me, and perhaps do another playthrough for the sake of insight and unlocking things. I am confident I’ll remain on the side of Chaos (more on that tomorrow), but I would dearly love to see what experiencing the game will offer.

But who knows? Worst case scenario: Atlus might fail to make good on a promised release date again and I’ll have to wait till next year. But I’m pretty confident that this time Atlus will make good on the release date.

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