Whatever happened to single-platform games?

With Nintendo’s recent announcement of a Pokémon-Tekken crossover (titled Pokken Tournament), and already people are disappointed with it mainly because it is initially going to be released for Japanese arcades only for a while. But that’s not what I’m writing about. I noticed one person commented on the First Look video for it, apparently bashing Nintendo because the game isn’t going to be released on Xbox and Playstation consoles. Really? That’s a reason to bash Nintendo? That sucks as a reason.

Honestly I don’t know for sure if Pokken Tournament is going to be a Nintendo-exclusive title (it’s possible, since Nintendo probably wouldn’t let any Pokémon game be sold on a non-Nintendo gamin system), but in any case, is there anything wrong with games being exclusive to certain consoles? If anything, I actually think it’s good that any company is making games that are only going to be released for one system. Too many games these days are getting released for either both the Playstation or Xbox consoles, or every main console imaginable. I see too many games being released for multiple systems. It is nice that you get to access some of these titles, but I think it’s somewhat worrying that there aren’t really any exclusives any more to strengthen either brand.

If Nintendo let their games be released for non-Nintendo systems, it would undermine them as a brand. Same goes for Microsoft and Sony. But then this only talks about console developers who release games for their own systems. What about third-party games? Well I think it might also strengthen console brands if some third party games were released only for those systems. Or it might not. That’s just my opinion. But that’s not the point. The point is that the gaming industry feels like its saturated with games that are released for multiple platforms. I know there’s exceptions, but still, wouldn’t it be nice to have more platform-exclusive titles?

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