Chaos, the duality of the universe, and Shiva

After Thursday’s meditation led me towards that sense of harmony and fabric, or more or less the music that makes me think of the side of my that likes a mystical sense of structure (which is provided by mystical symbols, geometric patterns, cities, certain architecture, and cubey shapes, also the occasional electronic music), I started wonder where Chaos would fit in all this, given my classical association with it, and I see it as a natural concern considering my desire never to forget my background if you know what I mean.

Something I found that relates pretty well to what I’m trying to illustrate what I talk about that structure stuff. I suspect harmony is more mystical than this though.

Well I’ve done some further meditation yesterday to gather my thoughts, along with some chants to keep this going while adding a sense of personal spiritual practice, and I think I may be drawn towards an idea (or ideas).

This sense of order, structure, or fabric, that might refer to something divine, but that could be within us, the force in us associated with how we bring structure to the world around us. That’s not to say there isn’t harmony or pattern in the universe at large, but this would be born of either the prime material of Chaos, or a raw force much like it (maybe Shakti). Come to think of it, it can be said that we humans manifest some of this in our minds, or our desires, or our aesthetic tastes, in much the same way that we manifest the raw wilderness of the universe in various way. It can be said that human nature is drawn from the same universe that gives birth to it, but that’s not to say the same thing for actions since the universe isn’t really conscious like we are.

Let us bear in mind that the universe is host to both harmonious and wild forces, light and dark, carnal and geometric, and a lot of times it either comes together, conflicts, or just co-exists, and we find a very similar phenomenon in human nature, the human mind is more complex than we often make it out to be. It reminds me of Baphomet, a perfect image of the universe or at least human nature and its duality, or Shiva which to me refers to either the universe of how I relate to it.

Finally, I put this image on my site.

Finally, Chaos. I still consider my connection to Chaos primarily ideological and pertaining to my personal beliefs as such (Shin Megami Tensei style), though I suppose it is through that connection that I can relate to the idea of Chaos as a prime material of the universe. I don’t think I’m entirely conclusive on this yet though.


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