We give the Internet too much credit

In the 21st century it seems like we take the Internet for granted, we have even elevated it to the status of being the greatest thing ever made by mankind. While it is certainly a very effective way of spreading, exchanging, and sharing information, but I think there are those who fool themselves because of it.

The Internet is a place that can be used to exchange great ideas, spread information, and communicate in a civil manner, but it’s also a place where stereotypes are spread just as easily, and often stereotypes and misinformation are common depending on where you look. You might find worthwhile information there, or you might find somebody’s crap that you take as the truth, and you might find something that’s only half truth or no truth that you take as the truth. Not to mention, as long as the Internet is basically a massive venue to communicate any possible thing, people can still spread dumb shit on the Internet, and dumb people are likely to take it as truth especially because they find it on the Internet and rely on it.

I’m not anti-Internet, but I think we give it and social media too much credit. I hope we don’t think of it as a palace of knowledge and enlightenment. It’s just that on the Internet it’s easier to take other people’s opinions for granted. You have to decide for yourself what information is worthy and what is not. There is information and there are sources you can trust, but make sure you know that rather than swallow everything you see.

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