On Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Although I am a big fan of heavy metal, there is one album that isn’t metal that I found had quite an effect. It is The Wall by Pink Floyd. One time my brother was playing the album and I sat down and joined him.

The album, in terms of sound was great. It had a very mystical style of rock, such that I find myself surprised that I overlooked Pink Floyd in general when looking for mystical rock, and some of the songs really got to me. I feel this is especially because of the album’s concept: Pink is oppressed by his over-protective mother, tyrannized and ridiculed by his school, and later in life his wife cheats on him and he breaks up with her, after which he begins isolating himself from society, building a mental wall around himself that was being constructed since childhood. His depression, isolation, and detachment really gets to me, it kinda speaks to me too. I guess you could say that’s because of my personal history isolation and detachment, though I don’t think mine was as extreme (at least I never had a hallucination of being a fascist dictator).

That all said, the album is quite a profound piece of work, and for someone of my music tastes, I was surprised I enjoyed it as well as I did and thought about it the way that I did, and that’s good in a way.


5 responses to “On Pink Floyd’s The Wall

  1. I too like to listen to metal, but I like a lot of music types. Pink Floyd has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid back in the 70’s and my cousins would play it. I later got into them and they put out a lot of good albums. Their messages in their music is awesome. I suggest giving their other albums a listen. Dark Side of the Moon is really good. So is Wish You Were Here.

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