A new perspective regarding lust, and some advice

There’s nothing really wrong with lust, and I certainly support the right of humans to experience gratification of their bodily desires so long as there’s no element of coercion involved, but be careful in how you deal with lustful thoughts and urges, or else you might find yourself humiliated and in shame, and even if you aren’t found humiliated in the presence of others, you may feel a deep sense of personal foolishness.

You see, sex is such a huge part of existence as humans, but we as humans often handle our desires badly. This is especially true for young people without a lot of experience or wisdom, they are particularly open to making a fools of themselves because they only think of lust. My latest perspective recognizes this only more so and encourages caution without repression of one’s desires.

And now I’d like to dish out some advice, hopefully without sounding too paternal, and keep in mind this is mostly aimed at guys who lust for the opposite sex but there are lessons that can be applied for everyone else:

  1. Never let sex appeal sell into blindly doing just anything. It’s no myth that sex sells, and this is especially true for young men, and young men can fall for a lot if you sell it them with the image of a pretty young lady. Those urges you’re feeling are perfectly normal and natural, but for hell’s sake don’t make an ass of yourself with them.
  2. Be aware that because sex sells, companies and media can use that to brainwash you, or more or less you can lead yourself to brainwash yourself. In any case, do not let your urges get in the way of clear and careful thinking, and do not fall into a herd just because they sell herd conformity to you through sex.
  3. Don’t ever assume “sexy” is a type. It’s all a matter of taste. For guys who like girls, there are many kinds of girls who can be physically attractive, but that is not all there is. In fact, if there are many kinds of girls who can have what you find to be an attractive body, then it doesn’t really matter a lot when it comes to a relationship. I mean don’t get me wrong sex is important, but it ain’t all there is.
  4. Don’t feel guilty, but don’t act like a total idiot or a total asshole either. This gets you nowhere and people may either take you less seriously or hate you more, and even if you don’t care, it won’t get you any closer to spending your days with any significant other.
  5. If you’re young, then try to talk to someone about your urges if you feel lost. It could be a friend, a teacher, or your parents or family, just don’t leave yourself in the dark. You can find information on the Internet, sure, but only a real discussion about sex and urges can helps seem clear in your mind and give you wisdom.

2 responses to “A new perspective regarding lust, and some advice

  1. I needed to read this. I’ve struggled with my sexual urges and what to do with them, I can never find the balance I want to achieve. I like what you said about recognizing that sex sells, I think being aware of the power sex appeal has on us can help to feel more in control of the urges.

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