Why does the West still support Isreal?

As many people likely already know, Gaza has been the subject of a deadly military attack on the part of Israel for over 2 weeks. In fact for many it’s more like a slaughter on their part, as it seems the state of Israel is proving responsible for a lot of barbaric violence against even children (though they deny many of the more horrific charges against them). But to me surprise, much of Western media seems to be ignoring the slaughter.

The media in the West seems to be more interested in the life one or two Israeli children than the lost lives of hundreds of Palestinian children, and I’m sure many in the West care more about Israel just out of religious belief than the deaths of many innocent Palestinians. It’s as though no one has the guts to see the conflict for what it is, and keep in mind, this is the conflict in which Palestinian children get blown up while playing on a beach. If you can’t tell who the wrong side is here, you’re hopeless.

The worst thing about it is that it seems like a simple matter of morality to stop the state of Israel from continuing to slaughter innocents, but pretty much all of our leaders do nothing with their so-called power to do the right thing. In the West, we don’t have the guts to accuse the state of Israel so long as people still believe what the Bible tells them about “God’s chosen people”, especially in America where a powerful voting block consists of evangelical Christians who want Israel to fulfill their prophecies (at which point I can safely say those Christians don’t actually care about Israel or the Jewish people, they just care about their stupid Biblical prophecies).

Even if they weren’t bombing and shooting the hell out of innocent Palestinians, there’s still no reason to care about Israel at all besides religious crap. I don’t believe anyone in the West would care about Israel if we weren’t still being told what to do by Christianity.


6 responses to “Why does the West still support Isreal?

  1. Follow the money, the Governments play Israel large amounts of taxpayer money, and some of this money comes back in the form of donations to individual Western politicians. It is a neat trick bribing politicians with their own nations money.

      • I’m not sure if it has to do anything with religion. Maybe it does for some but I think it’s more of a “someone’s taking out a group of Muslims”. There are a lot of people who have an image of Arabs that’s pretty much based only on negative aspects of their community. Unfortunately those negative aspects are displayed almost constantly through our media, which is predominately Jewish owned. Hollywood is also pretty much Jewish owned. I’d have to agree with Satanic Views when he says “Follow the money”, not only in Israel but here in America as well.

    • I feel I must mention: There are few media sources in the UK that don’t give Israel special treatment, such as The Guardian and The Independent (though beware that, as no outlet is truly unbiased and without agenda, they may have their own agendas to promote), and other sources that probably put it much better than I. Here though, I just write my own thoughts here and it didn’t turn out as lengthy as I thought it might.

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