Satanic compassion

Some might say there is no place for compassion in the Satanic belief system, but I would disagree with that sentiment. I think there is room for compassion in Satanic philosophy.

I certainly think people should be more tolerant and open-minded towards those who are different and show just a little more compassion to people going through problems, but I also think compassion is a matter of choice. In our society we’re often bombarded by charity ads and anything that tries to inspire a guilty conscience and get you to pour your cash for causes you may not even care about, and if you don’t give to charity people may view you as corrupt (I know that in school, back when I was 16, a female classmate of mine told me I was “corrupt” for not giving to charity, which I shrugged off). Things like compassion and kindness should be a matter of choice, otherwise it’s not a virtue anymore it’s just a worthless obligation that’s forced on you.

It can be said those of us who are of the Satanic creed have no tolerance for weakness, and I myself have dislike weak will and doubt in others and myself, but in general, if someone does feels doubt and weakness, or feels insecure and needs someone to go to for clarity, then don’t shun him/her. And that’s not necessarily to say the person is weak or dumb. The person in question could be bright, or strong, but is just having a moment of doubt or is going through an internal struggle and needs help to resolve it. In fact, I think a part of the reason I feel apart from the world is because I don’t feel like I can trust people to care, to listen, or even to not judge me for anything.

Some say we don’t believe in mercy or forgiveness.  The truth is we simply don’t hold it to the same high regard as religions such as Christianity. We believe in not wasting the virtues of forgiveness or compassion on those who do not deserve either. We believe there are actions or patterns for which a person can be forgiven, and that there are actions or patterns which do not merit any kind of mercy. One of the key differences between a Christian and a Satanist is that a Christian believes that even the most vile human scum on the planet can be forgiven and have a place in heaven if they embrace the so-called Lord, while we Satanists believe that we shouldn’t offer any forgiveness to those who do not deserve it.

If you think about it, Satanism is actually far more compassionate than Christianity, or many other religions, regarding human nature. In many religions, you’re made to feel sinful for your desires and allows for, even encourages, mindless condemnation of natural desires and lustful thoughts, whereas Satanism encourages you to live out your natural desires safely without feeling like it’s a sin or like you should be condemned for it. If that’s not any kind of compassion, then what is?

All-in-all, compassion has a place on the Satanic path as long as it remains a virtue and does not amount to wasting it and love on total strangers. Guide compassion with the reservation, balance, and virtue it needs. But I think we judge too much and for stupid reasons, we guide judgement with mindless hate and religious and moral brainwashing instead of with the reason and righteousness it deserves.


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