On this whole “purge” thing

Yesterday I found out about something called “#twitterpurge”, and eventually learned that apparently an online “purge” had been going on since a few days ago. That’s right, some teenagers have apparently been doing an online “purge” via social media websites. In this “purge”, there are apparently no rules and you can expose any photos or your own followers and friends. In fact, the whole idea of this social media “purge” was to expose nude pictures of girls, obviously without any form of consent, effectively a mass slut-shaming effort. Obviously this is inspired by the latest social horror flick, The Purge: Anarchy, which was released worldwide only two days ago.

There’s a deep immorality about this whole thing, and on more than one level too. First of all, it’s possible that the teenagers doing this considered it as little more than entertainment, a joke, a bit of fun, and if that’s true, then is that what they find entertaining? Secondly, I also think that people in this age, especially the young, don’t appear to take the premise of these Purge movies seriously. Doesn’t anyone think about why there can’t ever be a period of allotted time where laws don’t apply? Even if all it was at first was rioting and looting or mass theft, the murderous psychopaths would eventually take over and rule everyone else with terror and murder, and they would be free to without any kind of law enforcement stopping them. There would surely be no justice or real freedom in such a world, those things would be held captive by a world ruled of fear. And they take that concept as a joke, just because it’s fictional? Third, what has been demonstrated in this online purge is a clear lacking of the powers of ethical judgement and character, along with pure fucking sense! Has anyone tried to teach them ethicality in any form properly? Has anyone helped them figure it out for themselves? Or are they so dumb and evil that they take it all as a joke? They saw that movie and thought “wouldn’t it be hilarious if we could have our own purge where we can expose nude photos of young girls?” and they clearly must have thought to do it just for their sick laugh. Is that not among the lowest kind of immorality and unethicality that anyone is capable of? If their mothers are right (which for once I think they probably are), then some stupid teenagers have ruined the lives of young girls under the age of 18, perhaps even almost, if not surely, driven them to suicide, all for a laugh, or because they think it’s a movie. That is, honestly, the grand champion of human evil. Those people behind this online purge should be put to death, preferably by the sword.

Obviously, I don’t intend to affix that same evil to all humankind, no individual is guilty of the same scum, but I think we should be aware that anyone can be capable of it if they are truly great enough scum. And I see this whole thing as the darkest manifestation of a species that seems to be getting dumber, or at least a species among whom ignorance, loathesomeness, and stupidity is more widespread.


2 responses to “On this whole “purge” thing

  1. “I also think that people in this age, especially the young, don’t appear to take the premise of these Purge movies seriously.”

    I don’t think kids these days taken anything serious. Everything’s a game to them. If I would have behaved the way some of these kids are now, my mom would have beat the shit out of me. One time was enough for me – I straightened right up.

    This is the generation of “we can have whatever we want”. Mom and dad give them computers, video games, cell phones anything that will raise them so they can have free time to do whatever they want. A lot of these kids don’t have any kind of structure.

    This is also the most ignorant generation. My cousin told me that they no longer have to have four years of English in high school. I turned my head and said “that explains a lot”.

    When you have no foundation to build upon, lack of education, a broken family or just simply no common sense at all, this is what you get. And it’s only going to get worse because I don’t think there are enough people out there that care. America has become the dumbest place on Earth and everyone knows it.

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