What’s so Illuminati about the triangle sign?

About a week ago, while on holiday, we came across a pop music video where the musician was making a triangle sign (and we eventually found a triangle at the end of the video), and that’s when my brother told me something that a friend of his from college said. She told him that she heard of a conspiracy theory that the reason the triangle recurs in pop music is because of influence from the Illuminati, who supposedly run the music industry. Not sure she actually believes it, but that’s the conspiracy theory.

Oh goddammit not this again!

Let’s talk about the triangle, by which I obviously mean the upward pointing triangle. According to these Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theorists, the triangle is a symbol of the all-seeing eye of Lucifer, and of course by Lucifer they obviously mean the Devil, even though Lucifer actually has little to do with the Devil. Not to mention, when the hell did the all-seeing eye suddenly have any link to Satan? Many conspiracy theorists also seem to see the triangle as an umbrella symbol of not just Illuminati, but Wicca, Kabbalah (not to mention Judaism in general), and a bunch of other things that have no reason to be lumped together other than the fact that it’s not white bread American Christianity.

The upward pointing triangle has quite a few meanings in different religions and forms of occultism. Traditionally, that triangle represents the male gender and male energies, and the masculine elements of fire and air, in contrast to the downward pointing triangle which represents the female gender and its energies, and the feminine elements of water and earth. Putting the upward and downward pointing triangles together makes the hexagram, an ancient symbol of the union of male and female.

The two triangles and the hexagram.

The triangle in general is also associated with the number three, obviously owing to its three points, and the number itself is important to many groups and belief systems. In fact, the triangle has also been used to symbolize the Christian God in his tripartite form, with each point marking the Father (Jehovah/Yahweh), Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. This alone makes it ironic that these conspiracy theorists would associate the triangle with any lord of evil or shadowy global conspiracy that doesn’t exist, mainly because a lot of those conspiracy theorists are Christian themselves. So congratulations to all you Christian conspiracy theorists out there, you’ve just demonized your own holy trinity, probably without even realizing it!

Now as for the triangle sign made by various pop and rap musicians, which was supposed to be the main subject matter in the first place, that’s not the sign of the Illuminati, or a symbol of Lucifer worship (which is kinda disappointing). In fact, it’s not actually a triangle if you think about it. It’s actually the Roc, or diamond, the sign of Roc-a-Fella records and Roc Nation, both companies associated with rapper Jay-Z, who actually founded both companies. And ever since Jay-Z, the symbol has been used by various other rap, hip hop, and R&B musicians, but it has nothing to do with the Illuminati, or any other “satanic” religions or conspiracies. It’s just the symbol associated with Jay-Z, which happens to have spread to other musicians and is sometimes used by people who aren’t musicians.

Jay-Z making the Roc-a-Fella hand sign

And there you go, that’s what the triangle is once you skim through the Illuminati conspiracy nonsense.

One response to “What’s so Illuminati about the triangle sign?

  1. All shapes have a symbolic value in Occult practice but when I see musicians use such symbols I see them as like a parrot making signs without understanding its meaning. The music industry is shallow and only does anything for entertainment/marketing value.

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