An ethical question, or two, for fellow Satanists

I would like to pose an ethical question to my fellow Satanists, without the intention to incriminate of course.

My question is as follows: let’s say in a future society a religion such as Christianity has gained greater authority and directly influences the state and its laws, you are offered a high position in the government. You would surely know that by accepting that position you would be supporting the power of religion to control the lives of all humans, a major threat to individuality and liberty, but the position you are offered promises increased status and a generous salary. You would surely also know that since your religion is against the ruling religion in that environment, then resisting that religion let alone revealing your religious identity would put you at extreme risk. If you find yourself in that situation, unlikely as it may be, you must choose between ethicality and desire for wealth. Would you uphold principles in defiance of that society, or embrace a high position within it just to gain greater privileges in life?

And if that’s a little too much of a weak scenario for you, then here’s another: You are working for a big company which you learn makes additional profits by exploiting innocent people or the environment around you. By choosing to stay in employment for that company and drawing a salary from them, you would be making your money by supporting a company that exploits human life, but by leaving you would be rejecting exploitation at the cost of your salary. What do you choose in that scenario?

In general, there may come times when you have to choose between standing up for your own principles and immediate fulfillment of self-interest. In those circumstances, what do you do?


17 responses to “An ethical question, or two, for fellow Satanists

  1. The wise who can stand back from the question may see more than two choices. The path in answering your first scenario has been walked by many powerful Satanists in the past, what they did was to agree to take up such a powerful position in the church, they then through their patronage promoted other Satanists like them to positions of influence. The Satanist acted out their Christian role in public but practiced their Satanism in secret in private.

    The second scenario, I would leave that company and set up a business on my own, then probably obliterate the other company through business competition whilst holding on to the values I aspire to.

      • The conflict between personal values and the objective material world often means that the individual must play a game of masks, the Satanist behind the Christian mask. To be rich and powerful wearing the mask of the oppressive regime is more liberating to the living of personal values than being poor and powerless living at the bottom of the food chain.

      • But for me that’s not the same as ethicality. To have to be duplicitous and work with anything I despise and hold a moral objection to would for me fail the ideals of honor and ethicality, because it means betraying my values by working with the immoral force, and it betrays honor by being duplicitous about it.

      • Everyone has to make the decision for themselves and there will always be disagreements on topics such as this. Personally, I would rather be poor and powerless living at the bottom of the food chain then sell myself out for riches and power.

  2. For the first scenario, I would not take the job. No amount of money in the world would make me want to wear a mask. For the second scenario, I would quit.

      • Yes. I personally believe that everyone, regardless of their spiritual path, should have a set of ethics that they abide by. But I feel they should be “their” ethics and not something handed down by any religion, authority figure, etc.

        “You would surely know that by accepting that position you would be supporting the power of religion to control the lives of all humans, a major threat to individuality and liberty…”

        Sounds like the Republic Christian Fanatics we already have in office. No amount of money in the world could move me to trample on someone else’s individuality and liberty.

      • Same here, and that one should take one’s own ethics seriously without any half-heartedness and dishonesty.

        You know, I often think of my Satanism as a warrior’s Satanism (though I usually identify with the warrior and creator tropes), mainly due to having identified with Satanism for primarily ethical reasons. I wonder if you are also a warrior kind of Satanist.

  3. For the first option, I would take the position, reach its top, and morph it to fit my views and values. For the second one too. Taking control of the oppressing factor seems more fruitful than abiding to it for the profit, or leaving it for ethics.

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