Satanic ethicality

Good, evil, and morality are not usually stressed in the Satanist viewpoint. In fact, Satanism generally rejects the notion of morality as defined in traditional/conventional terms and focuses on personal gratification and ethics-neutral self-empowerment. But ethics is an important concept not only for me, but for my own strand of Satanism.

If you think about it, Satanism is an ethical code that simply tells you not to be a slave to any kind of external authority figure or device, and stresses that you are the only master unto yourself. If ethicality means to be ethical, to uphold any kind of ethic, principles, or morality, then there is no reason the Satanist should not hold this trait so long as he bases his sense of ethics on his own feelings, rather than any inflated idea of a common idea of morality and right or wrong. Ethicality at its heart means attention to any kind of principles, you don’t need to be a religious or sheepish person to uphold any sense of virtue.

If the Satanist is his own master, logically then he/she is free to have ethics as well, but his/her ethics that spring from himself and not from any mind mass of society. All you need to do is define your virtues and morality for yourself and try not to impose it on others.


4 responses to “Satanic ethicality

    • I know, but suppose the individual Satanist decided by himself to take on principles, such as the wider ethicality principle. I for instance identify as a Satanist, and I take up values like honor, ethicality (adherence towards the ethical principles that I value), and dignity, and I value freedom on an ethical level, while I consider oppression as evil, among other things.

      • I haven’t come across anything in my studies thus far that mention rejecting morality. What I have come across is challenging moral norms, questioning them and then coming to the conclusion, for yourself, if they are worth following or not. It’s all about individualism. If you want to follow a certain practice then follow it, but only after you’ve studied it thoroughly, questioned everything, fully understand what it is about and how it would fit into your path and then put it into practice for yourself.

        Everyone comes up with their own moral code that works for them and fits into their overall Satanic structure. That’s one of the reasons it’s not stressed as much as self-reliance, realizing that you are the one in control of your life, etc.

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