Baseness in movies

Last night my brother and I have been watching the movie Red State (which was itself kinda painful to watch), and we got into an argument about the movie. The argument basically involved the fundamentalist Christians being depicted in it, and me enjoying the prospect of evil religious cultists getting shot to death. The fact is the movie was not that clever, but it wasn’t supposed to be intellectual. It’s just a horror movie about religious nuts worse than Westboro. The fact of the matter is the movie is very base, and I do not think it made any claims to otherwise,

The thing is, I accept that movies can be enjoyable for being base (not that I’m saying anything about Red State at this point). Some movies do exist just for being simple caricatures, or for the sole sake of violence or sex. All movies exist for the sake of entertainment, and there are plenty of people who might be entertained by base things, or things that appeal to base desires, and I accept that people are entertained by baseness. People really do sometimes watch movies for the sole sake of seeing violent things happen, or any other base reason. I certainly find it easier to accept baseness than my brother, since I am a Satanist, and Satanists accept base desires. My brother on the other hand seems to have a problem with films not being “clever” or “intellectual”, even though he likes Schwarzenegger and Stallone-style action movies, and he shares that with me.

And let’s not stop at movies. The same is true for books and video games, and any other form of entertainment.


8 responses to “Baseness in movies

  1. Problem with modern creative media such as films is their lack of originality and authenticity. I have stopped taking an interest in action movies because once you have seen one you have seen them all, they are boring because there is nothing different or original between one movie and the next. Creativity is dead in the movie industry, the consumer are like sheep who seem to like the same thing over and over again.

      • In my opinion, yes, there’s still a need for them. As a writer, it’s the best way to get your foot in the door. Hollywood is like the government, a bunch of old perverted crooks that need to die already. We need younger people and those with new ideas running things.

    • I will agree that creativity is dead in Hollywood. The problem is there are dynamite writers out there that aren’t being taken seriously because there are too many ignorant people in the world that would rather see teens running through the woods than something that has meaning and creativity behind it.

      It’s all about money for Hollywood. If it won’t line their pockets they won’t make it. The majority of the movies that have been coming out are crap. My sister and I have been watching movies for years. Besides the fact that a lot of the scripts that Hollywood are directing/producing are crap scripts, all they have to do is throw an a-list actor in it and boom, there’s the money coming in. And let’s not even talk about the fact that the majority of the people in movies can’t act. It’s all about image now. Same with the music industry.

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