Spirit, sensation, and inner world

I’ve been thinking: if the afterlife is the heaven of your own desire and design, then here’s a good reason to keep living in this world and enjoying it.

If everything you think, every sensation you enjoy, everything that influences you, goes straight to your soul or your heaven, then obviously your heaven, your inner world, is influenced by what you feel in the outer world. Your vision of what your personal haven would be like is inexorably forged here in this world. That would be the importance of this world, and of life in this world, a reason why we should keep going till we can’t keep going anymore.

If if there’s a God out there that is a divine force rather than a man in the sky, or indeed given the presence of any spiritual force, then to experience that force must surely have an affect on that inner world, and your soul. Of course, this is something that is easier to experience than to describe, and it might be some time before I do. One could also consider one’s spiritual integrity, core self, and ideas as an influence.


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