Why I hate football/soccer culture

If soccer was just a little game where you kick a ball to the goal and it’s only for fun, then I don’t really have a problem. But as a sport, let alone this huge national or global competition, I hate it.

It irks me how people waste their emotionality on the game of soccer, how tons of people get obnoxious and even violent over common sports that really don’t need so much money spent on them. It’s especially true in my home country where it’s a goddamned national cult. Parents raise their boys as sports-obsessed, to see soccer (and often other sports) as the ideal of masculinity, and to see the players as heroes as though their personalities actually mattered. All these guys do play soccer, and they get paid hundreds of thousands, if not millions! Meanwhile, their salary could be used to do so much good for the world as a whole, and we waste it on soccer-playing celebrities!?

And I’m not even going to dignify the culture surrounding this whole thing with personal commentary, or even a goddamn picture.


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