The idea of being a rascal may appeal to both lust and a fondness of female company, and because of this I have often fantasized about it. But these days it seems to me like little more than a delightful fantasy, although maybe a little less delightful and less of a satisfying feeling. Why? Because the fantasy does not relate to my experiences, or even my desires.

Think about it, if I want love from a person, and that person could offer all that I could ever want, then what’s the point of desiring to have the same luck a rock star might get? Come to think of it, that could of fortune is tantalizing and fun but it doesn’t relate to my feelings, my fortune, or a bottom line of mine. As of late, the life embodied by the Charlie Sheens of the world seems unworthy, beyond my reality, and useless in the face of actual love, and above all, after review regarding my own character, actually unlike my own character. I can be lustful, sure, but I have many characteristics that the womanizer doesn’t have. For starters I’m not suave, I have no interest in solely the material, and I’m capable of seeing that there is all manner of lust that can be fulfilled with only one partner. And what would it be worth if all you’d do is give everyone the false image that you see women as objects to be use, and to top it of you’d never be able to convince anyone to shake that off of people and convince them you actually see them as people. Besides, it’s all too complicated. Wouldn’t a good relationship be simple?

And say you were a lethario? How are you sure anyone would care about your actual personality and what you had to say about the world? Only someone who loves you and you actually love would care, and good luck finding that while being devious. That’s another thing: think about the word devious for a minute. It out and out implies underhandedness towards women, and my entire life I’ve hated that.

I would still support sexual permissiveness, freedom of choice of lifestyle, and openness and open-mindedness in our social culture, but here I talk about personal fantasies, desires, and what would actually work for me.

10 responses to “Promiscuity

  1. As someone in a 6 year long open relationship, openness works extremely well for us. Allows us the freedom to share intimacy with others while remaining emotionally and romantically committed to each other. After being with so many men and women throughout our years together, we’d never have it any other way. Our relationship is stronger for it, and thrives due to open and honest communication and rock-solid trust.

    There is no one relationship model that fits all, and that’s great. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

      • Oh yeah.

        Well anyways, the thing for me about open relationships is that they’re cool and all, and I’d support them, but if I ever find the kind of girl I’m looking for, chances are I won’t need one. The fact is that, to me, open relationships meant the freedom to be a casanova, which I don’t really want to be now that I’m not 16-18 (please excuse the self-condescencion), and thank gods I never got that far before I ended up hurting some girl.

  2. Casanova? We’re not romancing others or breaking hearts. I don’t think you understand at all what I’m talking about.

    When you’ve matured and developed a much better understanding of sexuality through actual experience, perhaps you will know then.

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