Satanism and friendship

I wasn’t sure if I posted about this earlier, but I found that while I did mention friendship alongside egoistic philosophy, I did not have a specific post about it. So I feel like I should have a post to cover the specific topic of friendship.

Anyways, friendship is not something I feel that the Satanist would be averse to. Just because you’re a Satanist doesn’t mean you don’t have friends. The only difference is that the Satanist may have to exercise caution regarding group mentality. Yes, value your friends, but don’t get sucked into the group. And for shit’s sake don’t wear it out, like some works of fiction might.

And before you think friendship doesn’t fall under any self-interested desire consider this: when we make or seek friendship, or social human contact, is it not for the emotional gratification these things provide? And is that gratification really not so egoistic?


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