Personal diversity and a shake up of the gods

Lately I’ve been thinking about deities, my aesthetic tastes, and my inner world, and I have begun to see that diversity is not a bad thing, and that trying to limit that diversity and establishing one dominant aesthetic presence is bound to fail for me. For things that I honestly like, it makes no sense to risk throwing them out in order to maintain such a dominant presence in my inner world, because there’s a wide outer world out there to influence the inner one and it makes sense to let everything that you honestly like influence it, and it doesn’t all have to conform to a single pattern.

In the realm of personal philosophy and spiritual system, I’ve been having trouble creating an Oriental Satanism for a few years, in the process almost forgetting that delightful Chaotee principle of  borrowing what you like from other belief systems to forge your own unique system, which I first learned about from my dear friend The Desolate One (who I consider a great spiritual mentor or teacher). I could take the best and discard the rest, and I do that with Oriental beliefs anyway.

Same with deities. I am making the following changes regarding deities:

  1. Not be so puristic regarding pantheons
  2. Not limit myself to a seven deity system

That’s right, I plan to alter my system for deities. From now on, I revere any deity that symbolises anything important to me and my connection to those things (for instance fire, volcanoes, the sun, love, a possible connection with my father), or any deity I relate to or feel personally aligned with. For example, I may venerate Agni because of fire, Amon-Ra for the sun and creative power, Mara for desire, Goddess Liberty for the concept of freedom, and perhaps Venus for love. Speaking of Liberty and Venus, because of this, they don’t have to be almost all male deities, goddesses can be venerated too (as I already have in the past) and likely will more often now. I aim to do this in my own way, hopefully without being bound to any expectations of ostentatious ritual or prayer that I lack time or resources for. I aim to have as little hierarchy with the deities as possible, and the only deities that might reserve a particularly higher spot will be Shiva, perhaps Shakti, and maybe Satan, but in Satan and Shakti’s case it may be because they represent concepts I hold dear, and in Shiva’s case it is because Shiva is my favourite deity, an ishta-deva if you will. The only rule is that I have to admire specific deities enough, and that I don’t cross into to full-on traditional theistic worship instead of more modern forms of veneration I try to observe.

Of course, this takes time, and it may be a while before I get everything down, but you’ll soon see these changes on my blog’s additional pages. As a pagan, I need to remember that all god-images are god-images. They’re not all the same, but they ruled out because they don’t conform to any attempts to Easternize your own spiritual system. Let us remember E Pluribus Unum, One From Many. From diversity one can draw uniqueness.


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