Thoughts on The Satanic Temple (and their Satanic monument)

The Satan statue being built by The Satanic Temple

One of the highlights of this year so far, for me, is the plan by The Satanic Temple to build a statue of Satan (in the form of Baphomet) at Oklahoma State Capitol alongside the Ten Commandments monument, as a reaction against another defiling of the constitutional separation of church and state. Obviously I am in favor of Satan statue being there to oppose the establishment of a Christian presence that does not belong in a place of law.

However, I feel it would be remiss if I didn’t add that if the Ten Commandments monument were to be removed from the site (which might be rather unlikely), then the Satan statue would have to be located somewhere else because it would no longer serve its purpose if the Ten Commandments monument is no longer present.

The 2012 Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma, which sits as an affront to the separation of religion and secular law.

Still, isn’t it baffling that the Christians in America are complaining that there’s a statue of Satan coming to Oklahoma after they built a Ten Commandments monument there? They shouldn’t be complaining, because they brought it upon themselves when they chose to make a mockery of the values that America was founded on; freedom, separation of church and state, the right of the individual to pursue happiness in whatever way he/she chooses to as long as no one is harmed or coerced (all of which, of course, law would serve to protect). By erecting the Ten Commandments in a place of secular law, they should’ve known this and that someone else requesting monuments for other beliefs would follow.

Which brings me to The Satanic Temple.

Easily the most public Satanic organisation ever (at least in terms of their campaigns of outreach), they stand out among every other Satanic organisation. Where most of them have a somewhat elitist (though not fascist) element, and sometimes a misanthropic outlook, The Satanic Temple does not, and the organisations desire to provide outreach to the public and publicly take part in community and public affairs, including political activities. Their public campaigning, I feel, is an excellent and wonderful thing because it challenges people to question their spoon-fed or image-based perceptions of Satanism and look into the philosophy of Satanism and its many different manifestations.

However, I personally would most likely  not join the organisation because I do not like to actively join organisations and like to remain independent and not stick to an outside set of tenets. It’s also because I tend to be wary of any idea of altruistic intentions. The latter is nothing against the organisation, I just like to be careful that Satanic organisations are not partaking in community activities for the sake of any altruistic ideas and pretences. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t support the organisation and its efforts, acting as an independent supporter . After all, why wouldn’t I support an organisation that actively fights on the side of liberty? I might even donate on my own time when it suits me or when I’m comfortable.

If you are interested in donating, then get this: There are apparently some awesome perks for donating. For $500 you can get your name on the “list of souls” on the back of the statue. For $666, your name on the statue. For $1,000, you can get a 1 foot bronze statue of the monument. For $1,200, you get your name on the statue at the top of the list. For $5,000 you can get your own 4×6 block with 4 lines of text. For $10,000 you can get your own 10×8 inch block with 12 lines of text. And for $100,000, your own statue! I’m not sure if I can donate that much, but damn! It’s enough to make me want to consider it.

I’d hate to sound like a giant advertisement, but those interested in donating may feel free to check out the website here:


4 responses to “Thoughts on The Satanic Temple (and their Satanic monument)

    • I agree. I’d consider myself a support, or even a semi-member if there’s a kind of membership that isn’t concrete, since I don’t like binding myself to any external set of tenets.

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