Oh boo hoo!

Usually I don’t like to talk about One Direction, or any pop musician or boy band for that matter, and I dislike pop music in general, but yesterday I had heard a story that, while obscenely pathetic, reminded me of the sheepish nature of those who follow celebrities and use them as role models.

I glanced at a newspaper, saw a picture of what looked like one the members of One Direction smoking a joint, alongside a caption along the lines “how could you betray the fans, including my little girl!?”. I eventually found a Twitter hashtag that he was in prison, but I found he wasn’t really jailed, he was just smoking weed in Peru.

That’s it? Why is everyone so pissy about a pop musician smoking a marijuana joint? Why does everyone act like they have to be clean, pure, and fake or else it’s betraying them? Are they really slaves of the fans the second they become popular, or is it just the nature of the pop music business?

You know, I seem to remember hearing that Justin Bieber’s fans cutting themselves after they heard he was smoking weed, and that seems so strange: they’ll defend him after he gets arrested for drunk driving and a car chase in Miami, even campaign for his release, and they don’t seem to care if he appears before someone at the door naked, but they’ll cut themselves if he smokes weed? What’s up with the fans of these pop stars? Are people so interested in people so artificial and clean that people create musicians specifically designed to be enslaved to that mold?

Either way, back to the point; what’s the big deal with marijuana anyway? It’s just a drug, it’s just a plant that makes you dumb and screws with your head. There’s way more important things going on, and yet we make a big fuss over whether or not a pop star does drugs? And what’s this? He’s “betrayed the fans”? He’s betrayed your little girl? Boo hoo! Whoop-de-freakin’-doo!  Why do you care about these pop stars and what they do? Why do you want to keep your kids “pure” and “clean”, and irregardless why don’t you do it yourself instead of conditioning them to worship some pop stars who you use as babysitters? What is your logic? The logic of the sheep!


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