Why I still consider myself Chaos-aligned (a follow-up to “Liberty and lawlessness”)

I feel I should point out that I still consider myself aligned to Chaos, and how. I could’ve done this on yesterday’s post, but I felt it would make more sense to do this on a separate post.

The forces of Chaos marching on to war against the forces of Law.

With the ideas I expanded on with my previous post, you might think I had gone Neutral, but you’d be mistaken if you thought so. I know in my heart that I’m aligned to Chaos. As I’ve already explained, Chaos places freedom and individualism as the highest ideals, it places the liberty of the individual before any group mentality (even family) and tradition, in contrast to Law which places tradition, the group, and stability at the expense of freedom as the highest ideals. In since Neutral offers little to no change, my reaction is still Chaos, primarily since I still heavily believe in freedom and individualism.

I’d still support the sacrifice of social order as long as it meant freedom would come after it. I don’t support anarchy as a permanent state, I would support all manner of disorder and destruction that is aimed at ending tyranny and oppression (and delivering justice against whose who look after it) and bringing freedom. I still support that you think for yourself, and follow your own desires, your own morality, instead of what others desire for you and want you to believe. And part of my reasons for anarchy failing are in a way informed by a might makes right understanding (in a world where the strong have their way, thugs can create a world of fear if they are not stopped, which is part of the reason governments have armies). I still believe in self-rule, but there’s no reason it can’t thrive without anarchy. Chaos might potentially bring about anarchy, but it could also just as easily bring about a new order from all the disorder (it is sometimes hinted at in the games).

Besides, Chaos and Law to me are also Left and Right Hand Path respectively to me, so of course I’m aligned with Chaos. Chaos in the MegaTen sense comes up naturally to me anyway, in my general tendencies.

And lastly, let’s assume I’m in the situation described by the games. If Chaos did bring a state of anarchy where the strongest call the shots, then that leaves me in a good spot. Think about it, all that time fighting demons and bending them to my will would make me exceptionally strong, if not probably the most powerful person around in a post-apocalyptic city. With that kind of power, I could make anything I want happen, including the creation of a society based on freedom.

So yes, Chaos for me is still the answer.


6 responses to “Why I still consider myself Chaos-aligned (a follow-up to “Liberty and lawlessness”)

      • Just read it and I think you made pretty logical and reasonable statements. My only reason that I feel anarchy might be an option is that it would possibly allow the suppressed to rise up and overthrow the dominating powers that be. In my honest opinion, humanity has the possibility of reaching a happy medium if it was not so restricted, but I can only speculate. I feel that the ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ that is so often claimed to need constant protecting is an illusion to distract from the controlling mechanisms of the government. Are we really free? Or is it a false ideal that we enslave ourselves to corrupt government in order to protect?

      • I’m glad you like it, and just remember that these logical statements serve the same spirit and ideals, whose roots are pretty much non-logical. I also agree that anarchy is only good as a temporary state, and that disorder is best used to shake things up, destroy oppression, or get people to think. And it’s interesting that you ask the question of freedom. Remember that you are free to ask that question, even at the very least, and that doubt has it’s positive applications.

      • It seems like there’s got to be a perfect state of equilibrium, but I also think that the universe flows in rhythms and it only reaches that state as it the pendulum swings from one extreme to the next. Idk, now my brain hurts lol

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