Cronus as the Evil One

Francis Goya’s painting of Cronus

Lately I’ve been experimenting with the idea of the Greco-Roman deity Cronus as an Evil One (albeit primarily in the context of fiction and fantasy). The idea came up since I associate Cronus (or Kronos) with the destruction of youth, life, and spirit, even innocence (this may or may not be the intended meaning of Cronus eating babies, or baby gods, I think it fits well).

Cronus also has a link to the Canaanite deity El, who in turn is related to the god of the Bible. You could say that Jehovah is actually Cronus, seeking to claim more souls to devour. Then again, I could easily just settle with Jehovah as an evil one. That’d be more direct and to the point.

2 responses to “Cronus as the Evil One

  1. There is in my opinion no such thing such as good and evil. Cronus I associate with time where all things in the world of matter decay back into its raw chaotic state.

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