Mother Nature the crone?

Call it picking on one insignificant thing, but these Tampax ads tend to present what I feel is a pretty piss poor view of Nature held by humans in the modern age. The main message is “outsmart mother nature”, which wearing tampons doesn’t really achieve anyway, and that Mother Nature is nothing but an annoying old bat who exists only to make her children’s lives miserable. This I feel can only lead to a self-destructive kind of hubris, or more or less the same one we’ve already been high on.

We should be seeking harmony with nature instead of following some hopeless quest to triumph above it. And I’m not talking about the concept of afterlife either, I’m talking about Man’s arrogant elevation of himself above Nature. Since the early days of civilization, Man has began to view himself as above Nature and in control of it even though he is not. Even today, our relationship towards the environment and our train of thought based on the premise that we run nature or that nature needs a home, where in fact Nature is the matrix in which we live in, far more than just Earth, and we the thing we’re responsible for damaging is our environment. You can’t fight, conquer or outsmart nature, nor should we bother.

I do not seek unity with Nature, just harmony with it. Spiritually, our individuated existence remains, but we would at least have that connect with nature and remember where we came from. That would be wonderful for people to have, to be reminded that we’re not lord over Nature and seek a more harmonious relationship with Nature instead. I think it might be very nourishing. May be then we can see Nature not as a crone, but as the beauty she truly is. Terrifying at times may be, but mainly beautiful.

Like that.


One response to “Mother Nature the crone?

  1. Most people either see nature as an enemy to defeat and control, or as something cute and cuddly. Both views are delusional, and I identify with your view that individuals are better off working in harmony with nature.

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