My brother doesn’t get it

Yesterday we got into an argument about family and religion, specifically, how I feel I can’t disclose my personal religious/spiritual beliefs to the rest of my family. As you probably know from reading this blog, I am a Satanist, a Pagan, and an advocate for the ideas of the Left Hand Path. Most of my family is Catholic Christian, so they outnumber me. I know I don’t see a lot of my family on a regular basis, but I still worry about my family knowing about my beliefs for good reason.

Because they are mostly Christian (maybe not devout or fundamentalist Christians, but I am confident they do observe the customs and beliefs on a basic level), I cannot trust them to not make a big of me having beliefs so far outside their norm.I don’t want to have to try and explain myself to them (my whole beliefs would need more explanation than just “I’m a Satanist” or “I’m a pagan”) or deal with any crap they give me about my beliefs. It’s not that I don’t strongly believe in them, it’s just that I don’t feel they need to know most of it, you know, for protection. And it’s not like I’d be entirely lying to them either; if they ask, I could just say non-religious.

Now my brother doesn’t seem to understand my insecurity regarding my family, he thinks it’s not that big a deal, to the point that he accidentally implies that if you believe something you should tell everyone about it. He’s an atheist, warts and all, and what he doesn’t seem to realize is that atheists are lucky to have a position that is considered modern in this day and age and is still way more socially acceptable than my beliefs or interest in the occult ever could be. It’s not that I’m giving up, I’m just saying how my brother doesn’t seem to get it, and that he doesn’t seem to see how big a deal talking about beliefs is. He says in the modern age it shouldn’t matter, but “modern age” or no, beliefs are and always will be a big deal, and I don’t think he gets that.

6 responses to “My brother doesn’t get it

  1. Coming forward about your spiritual path is a personal decision and should only be done when you feel comfortable talking about it, especially if you have an extremely religious family. When I told my sister about my spiritual path (when I was practicing eclectic spirituality), she asked me some questions and I answered them. She told my dad who’s a minister and he said nothing. I wasn’t upset that she told him. I didn’t care honestly, it’s my path not his or hers.

    Everyone in my family’s a Christian (as far as I know) and I haven’t had any strained relationships with anyone but everyone’s family is different. Only you know how they would react. The good thing is that you do have your brother, who also doesn’t practice Christianity, that you can always go to for support. When you do feel comfortable talking about it, start with those in your family that won’t go from 1 to 10 in a few seconds, someone that’s a little more emotionally balanced.Someone that’s not going to make it all about them and their beliefs.

    Salamu Shetani

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