My darkness

As I’ve noticed, the kind of darkness I usually have manifests in three different ways:

  1. The Devilish: Self-explanatory, an interest in devilish forces; though actually mostly moral in its initial motive (including my acceptance of Satanism as a philosophy), there is just something about the devilish, demonic, and the occult, though not in the horror sense, that simply does not deserve to be passed up by me.
  2. The Cynical: Cynical as opposed to nihilistic. For instance, I am not very trustful of the world at large. There are people I know and trust and am friends with, but I don’t fully trust mankind as a whole. I don’t trust most of the world to not to judge me, annoy me, pry at me, be obnoxious towards me, do stupid things, or worse. Say what you will, but that’s been there since I was about 13 or something. Also, as a cynical person I tend to be more rejecting of popular culture and more disinterested in most of what most people like.
  3. The Carnal: May actually relate to the devilish in a strange way, but also the divine, there’s no denying that I value the animalistic and the carnal, and thus it radiates from me.

I should also mention the aggressive, but I don’t feel it is entirely dark.

Not to mention, I like to apply this darkness in a righteous manner along side enjoying two of these darkness for its sake. I suppose these ideas of darkness, and the idea of them being used in a righteous manner, is heavily appealing to me, which is part of why I embrace things like Satanism, the Left Hand Path, and in a way paganism (which I associate with that dark draw).

My darkness is never wintery, never evil or horrific, and usually not passive.


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