Poor Tyger (BBC Three strikes again!)

You know those child actors who grow up and then no one cares them about them anymore? Well, one of them has decided to join BBC Three in yet another anti-porn TV show. Tyger Drew-Honey, who some people who actually watch British TV may remember from Outnumbered, will be presenting his own TV series entitled “Tyger Takes On Porn, the Perfect Body, and Love” in which he tries to get everybody to notice him again by exploring the world of porn, body image, and love, starting this Thursday.

It’s funny, he actually looks like a gay porn star to me.

If you remember, BBC Three already did another show about pornography with Jameela Jamil about how porn is supposedly bad. Given that, I assume that this new show is going in the same direction of anti-porn propaganda and the lowest common denominator morals that fuel it.

I find it very hard to believe that pornography is among the “challenges of the growing up”, as the ad for the show describes, and the main reason for this is that pornography is not a challenge of growing up. Pornography is merely a pleasure in which most if not all of us indulge in, both men and women of all sexual orientations. If you believe it’s a challenge of growing up, let alone anything other fantasy, then congratulations, you have officially reached a whole new category of ignorance and stupidity.

But let’s be completely honest here, why would want to be lectured about porn supposedly being bad or, excuse me, a “challenge of growing up” by some former child actor looking for attention, anymore than you’d want to be lectured on how porn is evil by a freaking fashion model, who we don’t care much about either?


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