If God changes the rules…

Here’s a thought: If God in the traditional sense existed, how do we know he’s not changing the rules every thousand years or so, maybe more maybe less? That would basically mean that God has seen the world change and his attitudes may have changed, and thus he changed the rules accordingly, which would leave the religious fundamentalists being among those who didn’t get the message.

But then here’s the thing; why does he only tell one or two people, who would later be regarded as prophets, and rely on them to spread the word? Why not simply inform everyone, who would need to know?Come to think of it, why is it that, whenever God has something to say or rules to lay down, he only tells one or two people and relies on them to spread the word? Why when it would be so much easier for him to tell everyone, which would actually be substantial proof of his existence?

And when he does change the rules, if he does at all, what does it mean for those who were already judged as sinners condemned to Hell? Do they get redeemed, or is it too late for them? It probably is too late considering, if the Bible’s right, when God judges you then your fate is eternal.

Not that any of this matters anyway…


2 responses to “If God changes the rules…

  1. I think it more likely that the followers of their god change the rules. I pointed out to a Christian recently that Hell was invented many hundred years after the founding of Christianity. In the USA many hubristic preachers changed the rules by insisting that they knew the date of the end of the world, this in conflict with their Bible which said only their god knew the date of the ending.

    • Really? I thought Jesus preached that all those who did not believe would not be saved, and in the Christian context this means automatic damnation of some sort, unless instead of fires and pitchforks we have total spiritual annihilation.

      Regarding those preachers, I’m pretty sure they do that all the time.

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