To sum up the government in my country

Like said towards the end of April, I don’t usually want to talk about British politics. But today I just felt like mentioning my thoughts on the UK government as it is now.

So let’s summarize. We have a government that consists of a bunch of pigs who routinely make a mockery of capitalism by exploiting it, people out to make a name for themselves, weak and pathetic individuals, slaves to mass media, and generally grey human beings. Grey even if some of them act youthful and full of life to appease the young crowd. There’s not one person there who’s interested in creation, or healing the world, and an abundance of people interested maintaining the status quo, keeping control over our lives, and making money on the side (perhaps like any government).

As far as parties go, you have either the conservatives, who appear to be fundamentally interested in austerity and turning the country into unlivable hellhole in further pursuit of their own uncontrolled greed, under the guise of restoring the economy and the country. They also seem hell bent on taking the country back to the days before we had universal healthcare as we know it, and the education back to a past where it was even more authoritarian than it may be for students now under the guise of improving the education system. Then you a rat pack of social democrats who are incompetent and weak-willed, and they’re probably the least interesting party of all. Then you have the liberals who seem to have good intentions and plans but in the end they’re weak and they have become the submissive dogs of the conservatives. Everyone else in politics is either some left-wing quack, some right-wing quack, or complete racists or fascists, but in the end most if not all of them are too weak to change anything. And I’m willing to bet that our government’s politicians don’t even care about the people they’re supposed to lead and serve, and they think themselves to be beyond us, they probably think of us mere “plebs”. They even have that attitude towards the people who enforce their laws.


4 responses to “To sum up the government in my country

  1. Sorry for posting this into your blog but yahoo answers wont let me post.
    Heres the answer that will piss off most people.

    Pretty much every angel and demon was originally a local or tribal diety at one point or another. As the ancient tribes of what would become the Hebrew nation continued to slaug…I mean conquer their neighboring tribes, or get conquered themselves, what ultimately happens is that the local customs get assimilated into their own culture
    (for a different example think about what happened with the greco-roman culture and the slow growth of their pantheon)

    The largest problem is that as a monotheistic faith, There is NO room for more gods, so what happens is that most dieties became either angels or demons. Depending on how wicked the new people where viewed, their diety would more then likely become a demon,
    Inversly the more positive the diety was the more likely they would become angels or even assimilate with YHWH himself.

    For example notice how every angel’s name ends with EL?
    EL means Lord

    YHWH/Christian god was originally just one of over 70 different gods in a greater pantheon.
    As described above he snowballed up both his father El, Elohim, El Shaddai, El Adonnai, and even his rival gods such as the Cannanite god Bael and even the Egyption Rah.

    So as you can see, while the three demons in question were at one point three differnt dieties? Christianity has this terrible habit of craming them all into one thing. For more information go to your local history class and study ANCIENT mythology

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