Why do we overlook murderous oppression?

NOTE: I’m not aiming at a particular religion here, just fundamentalism in general, although a lot of the blame rests on the Abrahamic faiths.

For failure to find a better image, and in the interest of not going for particularly graphic images, here’s a generic image of Christianity and Islam in the same place.

In some countries in the world, religious fundamentalism still has a lot of influence over the minds of the majority of populations, and people still oppress and behead anyone who is enlightened enough to see it for what it really is, let alone brave enough to resist it.

From what I’ve read about Bangladesh, you can get killed simply for being an atheist, usually by the very same people who would be neighbours. People in countries like them actively hunt and kill non-believers, and if you’re a non-believer your only options are to lie in order to survive or run. Although Bangladesh’s court did uphold freedom of speech, but that didn’t stop the predominantly Muslim population from hunting down any non-believers.

One person from Bangladesh, known as Thaba Baba (real name Ahmed Rajib Haider) was beheaded in his own home for speaking out against religious oppression as an atheist. Although the attackers had been arrested and were not affiliated with the government, that doesn’t mean people should sit back. It seems parts of the world have not changed from medieval Christian Europe, and no one seems to be outraged or even care that people are dying of injustice. No one should be beheaded simply for blogging, and no should allow it to go unpunished!

In fact I am both amazed and appalled that things like have so little effect on the conscience of mankind, and this to me speaks in volumes of conscience of the world. It’s a damned shame that we aren’t sending these oppressors to their graves, because that’s what they deserve without any mercy whatsoever.

It’s so terribly easy to ignore religious fundamentalism because in the West we have gotten used to Christian fundamentalism and the idea of it utterly silly and fun to laugh at. But even Christian fundamentalism, while not nearly as murderous as the way Islamic fundamentalism manifests in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, is still oppressive, and you need only look at the families who oppress their young with it and the communities that are founded on it. And don’t kid yourself; if Christian fundamentalists ever got the chance to gain direct control, they’d take it and eventually make it so non-believers could be persecuted to death just like the church did in Europe centuries before.

Religious fundamentalism was already horrible, but it’s still continuing on in arguably worse manifestations, and we still fail to acknowledge that this is a matter of injustice. And if you choose not to take any sides on any matter of injustice, then you have passively sided with the oppressor by virtue of letting him/her win! And all you have to do to be on the side of justice is spread the word, so there aren’t really any excuses.


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