Satan, lord of this world?

‘Satan Presiding at the Infernal Council’ by John Martin

One thing I find strange is that Christians refer to Satan (or Beelzebub) as the lord or god of this world. Isn’t Jehovah/YHWH supposed to be their lord, isn’t he supposed the only god in their belief system?

Satan being the lord of this world according to Christians probably made sense when their faith was new, considering their world at the time was run by the pagans, and Satan to them was the symbol of the heathen power they had opposed. However, after Christianity gained control of Rome, this no longer applied for much of the world, so Satan can’t be said to be the lord of this world. In the Christian age, Jehovah rules the world, though this is steadily declining in the modern age.

Not to mention, if Jehovah created the world according to Christians, shouldn’t he then be sovereign over it? Doesn’t he already rule the world that he created if he already had a plan for the world, which supposedly is imminent and cannot be undone, with Satan being just an outcast trying to subvert Jehovah’s plans?

Jehovah (a.k.a. YHWH). Looks like he’s trapped a bunch of infant souls in clouds or something.

Of course, for Satanists of a theistic persuasion, Satan is actually the true lord of this world, or even the life force of the universe. For other Satanists, he is merely a symbol of how the world runs, or how it should run. For still other Satanists, like myself, Satan is an emblem of a paradigm that we prize highly, a spiritual or ideological paradigm of personal power, individualism, and freedom as opposed to the Christian paradigm which currently rules the world (although for Christians, their idea of a Satanic paradigm rules the world instead of their Jehovah). There’s also the interpretation that lord of the world pertains to earthly and carnal desires, and the earthly realm of materiality and carnality, primarily as an emblem of said things.

Part of this depends on how you define what Satan means to you, or what the moniker of lord of the world means to you.


3 responses to “Satan, lord of this world?

  1. They have to say that Satan rules the world.
    It gives them an excuse for the bad things that happen to a world that was supposedly created by a perfect god.

    And when something happens in the church, like the pedophile priests and the coverups, they blame Satanist infiltrators.

    They can’t exist without a scapegoat. Without that enemy, they would see the abrahamic faiths for the frauds they are.

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