God and Deity: Satanic Edition

In the spirit of beginning with an image, here’s a symbol that is often associated with God, and I feel carries on concept that I will explain in this post.

Lately I have been meditating on the concept of God, and my concept of God, though not really in the sense of sitting on your ass cross-legged, since I have managed to gather thoughts in a different manner. Now some of you may be thinking that a concept of God has no place in Satanism, but that actually depends on what God is to you. There is certainly no place for an overarching ruler of the cosmos or a judging sky father, such as the Judeo-Christian God, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no place for another kind of God, or even deities (then again, you can easily be a pagan if you’re interested in deities without the layer of Satanism, except if the layer covers spiritual ideology).

What if I were to tell you that God is a force that lies inside you? After much meditation, my idea of God has become much clearer than it was before. I was tempted to think of a higher force, even almost drawing towards a Hindu spin on theistic Satanism with Setian and pagan undertones. My belief regarding God is that God is not an entity, it is force that lies within you. God is potential which we can unlock, potential by which we can become our own god, by which we can create the world for ourselves and achieve spiritual immortality.

I made this symbol early this week, to illustrate the force I am talking about.

I made this symbol early this week, to illustrate the force I am talking about. It is a solar disk with horns and wings, flanked by cobras, and with the pentagram of Satan at the center.

As a Satanist, the God within me is the only God I worship, the divine potential in me, and my goal regarding God is to manifest that potential, perhaps connect with it, in order to truly be as my own God, achieve spiritual immortality, and create the world for myself, all on a spiritual level.

In case you’re thinking “what about Satan?”, Satan is not an object of worship to me. Satan is a figure I admire, a symbol of individualism, freedom, and personal power, and even a metaphorcial force of life (like another way of seeing Gods like Shiva) or a great heathen power. To me, Satan is an entity that is emblematic of his own paradigm: the way of power, freedom, desire, and self-goodhood, the greatness that is denied by religion (particularly religions like Christianity). Satan can also represent the dark and carnal forces I just love to experience and are a vital part of existence and life as a whole.

The pentagram, a symbol of Satan, thus a symbol of heathen power and the way I described earlier.

Now, a Satanist who believes in God as potential within you isn’t very nonsensical, since Satanists believe that either they are their own God or that the goal of life is to become your own God, and belief in God as a potential inside you would logically tie into that. To me, this is a very Satanic, even Setian, view of God.

I would also like to point out that one person has interpreted my idea as the belief that God is trapped in his own creation. This interpretation is bogus, because in my belief God is not an outside entity and did not create all that we see and feel, but rather is divine, spiritual, and creative potential inside us, born with us. The Creator is not without, The Creator is within.

On the subject of deities from mythologies (and I prefer to use the term deity rather than god, except when convenience calls for otherwise), I feel they are as thoughtforms, human manifestations and reflections of our own minds, and in a way the God in ourselves. In a pagan sense, gods are our way of reflecting and representing Nature in a deific form, and revering Nature in a deific form. Gods are our way of representing forces, ideas, and concepts. I have a deep interest in deities, but I do not bow down and worship them. I often honor deities as representations of forces, ideas, and even forces of my own soul, even including deities that aren’t my Seven Deities which represent my own soul. It can be any deity in any mythology. For instance, I venerate Shiva and Shakti as representations of the raw primordial force of the cosmos that motivates the universe and life (the force that I refer to as Shakti, though I also revere Beelzebub when referring to it as the horned force).

Shiva and Shakti

As a pagan I revere deities, but also the Nature that they reflect, and I still revere Nature and the primordial force of the cosmos alongside the God within and Satan as a symbol of my spiritual paradigm (the latter two I revere as a Satanist and Left Hand Path thinker), and one of my goals is also to feel Nature, to feel the raw force of the cosmos that I revere as Shiva and Shakti, my favorite gods. In a way, this could mean I’m still something of a nature worshiper too, alongside the rest of my belief system, not that that’s a bad thing.

It’s important to note that deities are not physically real, so don’t expect physical gods, rather their existence is spiritual.

That sums up my position on God and deities, no sky daddies here and no need for atheism. Hail Thyself, and the True God that is within you!

(Note: the title of this post is derived from one of my early posts, “God and Deity”, and I titled it so because in a way this post, while it its own thing, is a new outlining on my position on both God and deities. If you would like to see the original, click here).

By the way, I’d like to thank Cassie and Sophie of Devil’s Advocate for their material having inspired me.

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