My Walpurgis Night (and why I’m not celebrating May Day today)

Last night I was celebrating Walpurgis Night, to commemorate Anton LaVey’s Walpurgis Night of 1966 and the formal birth of modern Satanism. Since Walpurgis Night was traditionally celebrated with dancing, I decided to do a lot of dancing to heavy metal music, just standing up and thrashing my head to heavy metal that had any connection to the occult, since I figure that was the closest thing I had to fire (think about it, metal qualifies for fire in a way). Plus a bit of indulgence before the night.

I do still wish I could have a large bonfire to dance around, with some heavy metal in the background though.

It was fantastic. I was starting to feel incredibly excited about the day in much the same way I would be about Christmas time, even though I had not officially celebrated it until last night. Perhaps it is that Walpurgis Night is of greater significance to me because I am currently a Satanist and thus the holiday relates to my philosophy, which is very important to me. Or perhaps it was the anticipation of what I would do at the end of the night. I waited till 10pm when the sky was black, and then danced around my computer to the song “Satan’s Fall” by Mercyful Fate (partly since Walpurgis was traditionally celebrated by dancing). It was great, although in retrospect I do wish I put more organization into celebrating the holiday beforehand. Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve really celebrated the formal birth of modern Satanism, and Anton LaVey’s 1966 Walpurgis Night.

That said, now that Walprugis Night has ended, it is now May Day. I personally will not be celebrating for two reasons. For one, since Walpurgis Night and May Day are often interchanged, and close to each other anyway, I don’t really need another springtime celebration as long as I have already celebrated Walpurgis Night. Second, May Day has in the modern age become associated with socialism, and as I have no desire to associate with socialism, I do not celebrate May Day.

I would like to close this post by bringing you this video of Satan’s Dance as performed by Virginia D’Vine, which my friend Riven showed me earlier.

I hope anyone else out there had a great Walpurgis Night too.


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